Our entire range of turrets is available under a manageable mode, through the control module, TRITON BRAIN, which is integrated in the turret itself, allows the efficient management of electricity and water supplies. The control system is available in 3 levels of functionality:

- Standard Model: remote reading of consumption.
- Advance model: remote reading + remote control of supplies.
- Premium model: remote reading + remote control + user identification.

TRITON BRAIN is a module that:

  • In the Standard and Advance modes it is installed internally and controls the consumption of electricity and / or water. All management and activation is carried out from the remote management application TRITON SGSP
  • In the Premium mode it integrates an RFID reader, a high contrast OLED screen 4×20 characters and a proximity button, there being no mechanical parts that could suffer a deterioration due to its manipulation or environmental exposure. It allows the user to identify themselves with an RFID card in the turret and activate one or several shots against their prepaid or postpaid balance.  TRITON SGSP All information and management is also accessible from the TRITON SGSP remote management application

The TRITON BRAIN control system offers a series of additional features that provide the greatest robustness, safety and flexibility in the use of our manageable turrets:

- Management of up to 12 shots per turret
- Wired or Wifi Ethernet communication.
- Automatic re-start of shots under voltage drops, keeping open devices, users in system and balances.
etection of electric theft with detection of disconnection of plug, automatic cut of the exit and expulsion of the user.
- Detection of thermal fall.
- Mode of operation: prepaid / postpaid.
- Remote firmware update automatically (FOTA).



TRITON SGSP is the centralized supply management platform, which centralizes all user information, consumptions, recharges and historical data related to the consumption delivered from any of our managed turrets.

Intuitive and with multiple management facilities, it offers port managers a simple method of individual management of supplies.

Developed on web technology, it offers a multiplatform access that allows the port manager the supervision and management of its installation from any place and through all type of devices: mobile, Tablet, PC.

TRITON SGSP allows the loading of a port map on which the different supply turrets are located, which can be accessed graphically for users and active services, as well as consumption and past operations.

The system allows to operate in PREPAY, POSTPAY or both simultaneously, facilitating the operation of the service regardless of the type of users of the port.

Making receipts and invoices for supplies is a couple of clicks, and all movements are recorded in the system, as well as easily exportable to other formats.

The managers have real-time and historical management information, which allows detailed analysis of the consumptions made, in a graphic and very intuitive way.

TRITON SGSP includes an RFID reader (USB or Ethernet) that allows the user to upload and reload user cards in a very simple and uncomplicated way.

With TRITON SGSP the port or marina will have a tool that will save you time and money, helping you in the efficient management of supplies.

The open interface for integration and sharing of information with other management applications in the port, as well as the possibility of deployment in stand-alone mode or on virtual systems with or without redundancy, make TRITON SGSP the ideal solution for Any environment, regardless of their size or existing systems.


- Monitoring consumption by outlet, turret and client
- Editing port data and maps.
- Editing of tariffs and minimum amount.
- Interface for reading prepaid cards.
- Management of water and energy meters.
- Activation deactivation of power and water outlets.
- Customer reports by multiple parameters: balances, operations, etc.
- Detailed consumption reports.
- Reports of prepaid card recharges.
- Movement made by customer with invoice generation.
- Counting calculator reports.
- Import and export of data, for integration with existing platforms.
- Generation of alarms via email or SMS.
- Global access to the server from anywhere, with any browser or mobile device.
- Integration interface with third party platforms.
- Multiple deployment modes: stand-alone, high availability, virtualization.