The ultimate goal of TORRETAS GUADIANA is the satisfaction of our customers, while meeting your expectations and requirements.

Therefore, the performance of work should be based not only on compliance with the standards, specifications and contractual requirements but also:

1) The customer is the reason for being of the business.

Understand customer needs, meet their requirements and strive to meet their expectations is our primary purpose.

2nd) The staff is our main asset.

Commitment to establish a suitable work environment to achieve conformity of all our products and services.

Our quality policy is properly disseminated to all staff, through training and continuous communication with our employees.

3rd) Continuous improvement is the basis of satisfactory performance.

Our Quality Management System is focused on continuous improvement of all our processes, planning our activities, taking them out and measuring the degree of their success to finally take those actions necessary to offer higher quality every day.

4th) The Quality Policy is the basis for the establishment of objectives.

the quality objectives for each of the processes will be established, based on the quality policy, established to obtain the satisfaction of our customers and our staff.