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Privacy Policy

Updated to   06/22/2018

Your privacy is important for EMILIO RODRIGUEZ PAZOS SL (here in after TORRETAS GUADIANA). This statement reveals the personal data protection practices in the websites of TORRETAS GUADIANA, including the type of information that is extracted, its use and with whom it is shared.In accordance with current personal data security regulations, we inform you that the information you can provide to TORRETAS GUADIANA will remain in our contact database with the future functionality of communicating the different offers and / or services that may be available to you. interest, unless you indicate otherwise.

Generally, you can visit GUADIANA TORRETAS in the network without identifying yourself and without revealing any confidential information. However, on some occasions, some type of personal data may be required. You may choose to provide information that may be necessary to be able to communicate, process an order, offer a subscription, etc. The intention is that you know how this information is used and that you can access this privacy policy through an accessible link from where you are requested and from the menu options.

You have the right to access the information you have provided, rectify it if it is wrong and cancel it. For this reason, you are requested to communicate in writing to EMILIO RODRIGUEZ PAZOS SL , Salcedo – Carballa , 56, 36143 – Salcedo (Pontevedra)), or by email with your name, surname and address. EMILIO RODRIGUEZ PAZOS SL guarantees the adoption of the appropriate measures to ensure the confidential treatment of these data.

You want to protect the quality and integrity of your personal data. Therefore, appropriate organizational measures and techniques have been applied. An effort will be made to respond in a timely manner to your requests to correct inaccuracies in your personal information. For this you need to return the message containing the aforementioned inaccuracies to the sender with the requested correction details.

Sometimes you can store anonymous visitor information to help offer a better service through the use of various technologies, including the so-called ‘cookies’. The website of TORRETAS GUADIANA includes a cookie warning that will be necessary to accept or cancel, depending on your wishes.

TORRETAS GUADIANA can collaborate with certain companies that help promote services and products. These entities may store and use anonymous information from visitors for this purpose.

TORRETAS GUADIANA can present a URL that will take the visitor to a personalized website. This type of link is easily identifiable and by clicking on it you authorize to save information about your sessions, in this way it is possible to offer you information that responds to your interests.If you do not want this use, simply do not click on these links or URLs .

This privacy statement has been updated for the last time on 06/22/2018. Possible questions regarding this statement should be directed to TORRETAS GUADIANA (info@torretasguadiana.com) for clarification or to:

Salcedo – Carballa , 56
36143 – Salcedo (Pontevedra)

Cookies policy

Updated to   06/22/2018

What is a Cookie?

A Cookie is a small text file that a website places on your PC, phone or any other device, with information about your browsing on that site. Cookies are necessary to facilitate navigation and make it more friendly, without harming you in any way.

While the general term “Cookie” is used in this policy, since it is the main storage method used, the “Local Storage” space of the browser is also used for the same purposes. In this sense, all the information included in this section is applicable to both terms equally.

What are Cookies used for on this website?

Cookies are an essential part whose main objective is to improve your browsing experience. The information collected in Cookies also allows improving the portal through estimates on numbers and patterns of use, adapting it to the individual interests of users, speeding up searches, etc.

After your prior informed consent, cookies, tags or other similar elements may be used to obtain information that allows you to display advertising based on the analysis of your browsing habits.

Why are cookies not used on this website?

Cookies do not store sensitive personal identification information such as address, passwords, credit or debit card data, etc.

Who uses the information stored in Cookies?

The information stored in Cookies is used exclusively by GUADIANA, with the exception of those identified below as “Third party cookies”, which are used and managed by external entities to provide demanded services, such as obtaining access statistics or guaranteeing the payment transactions carried out (if any).

Types of cookies

Strictly necessary cookies:

For the correct use of the web, allowing access to sections that have security filters. Without these Cookies, many of the available services will not be operational.

Navigation cookies:

They collect information about the use that views make of the web, for example page views or loading errors. It is generic and anonymous information, where personal data is not included, nor information that identifies the visitor is collected, the ultimate goal being to improve the functioning of the web. By visiting the portal you accept the installation of these Cookies on your device.

Functional Cookies:

They allow to remember information and more personal characteristics. For example, the possibility of offering personalized content based on the information and criteria that you have voluntarily provided. These Cookies can also be used to remember the changes made in the size of the text, fonts and other customizable parts of the web, they are also used to offer some requested services, such as watching a video or commenting on a blog. The information collected by these Cookies may be anonymous and their activity may not be followed on other websites. By visiting the portal you accept the installation of these Cookies on your device.


How can I avoid using Cookies on this website?

If you prefer to avoid using Cookies on this page, taking into account the above limitations, you must first disable the use of Cookies in your browser and, secondly, delete the stored Cookies associated with this website.

This possibility of avoiding the use of Cookies can be carried out by you at any time.

How do I disable and eliminate the use of Cookies?

In order to restrict, block or erase the Cookies of this website, you can do so, at any time, by modifying the configuration of your browser according to the guidelines indicated below. Although the parameterization of each browser is different, it is usual that the configuration of cookies is made in the “Preferences” or “Tools” menu. For more details on the configuration of Cookies in your browser, see the “Help” menu of it.

Firefox:   http://support.mozilla.org/en/home

Chrome:   https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=en

Microsoft Edge:   https://support.microsoft.com/es-es/products/microsoft-edge

Internet Explorer:   http://support.microsoft.com/ph/807/es-es

Safari:   http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1677?viewlocale=en_US

Opera:   http://help.opera.com/Windows/8.54/es-ES/index.html

If you want more information about cookies and how they work you can visit the following website:   http://www.youronlinechoices.com/en/


Cookies box

First name kind Origin Purpose Duration
Own cookies
PHPSESSID own – Strictly necessary This web Differentiate users Until the session ends.
moove_gdpr_popup own This web Save your preferences about the use of cookies Until the session ends.
GDPR [allowed_cookies] own This web Saves preferences about the use of cookies 1 year
gdpr [ consent_types ] own This web Saves preferences about the use of cookies During the current session
cookie_notice_accepted own This web Your language preference 1 year
Third party cookies
PREF from third parties Google   more info R emember navigation preferences 24 hours
OTZ from third parties Google   more info They collect information about preferences to use for advertising purposes 24 hours
NID from third parties Google   more info They collect information about preferences to use for advertising purposes 6 months

Legal warning

Updated to   06/22/2018

The internet domain “torretasguadiana.com” is owned by EMILIO RODRIGUEZ PAZOS SL (hereinafter TORRETAS GUADIANA), a Spanish company registered in the Commercial Register of PONTEVEDRA T 1380, L 1380, F 52, S 8, H PO 10980, I / A 3 (4.10.12), with address in Salcedo -Carballa , 56, 36143, Salcedo (Pontevedra), NIF B36201903, telephone 986 841 105 and email info@torretasguadiana.com.

The use of this website implies knowledge and express and full acceptance of the conditions set forth herein, without prejudice to any particular conditions that may apply to the contracting of services carried out with TORRETAS GUADIANA.

The use of the website attributes the condition of user and implies the full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the provisions included in this Legal Notice in the version published by TORRETAS GUADIANA at the same moment that the user accesses the page . The use of some services offered may be subject to specific conditions that, as the case may be, substitute and / or modify this Legal Notice. Therefore, prior to the use of the service, the user must also carefully read the corresponding particular conditions.

The content included in the website is accessible to the public for the purpose of providing information about products and services, as well as facilitating, where appropriate, access to other information from third parties and entities other than TORRETAS GUADIANA. These contents are provided in good faith, with information from external sources; due to this circumstance, some of the data or texts available may not be completely accurate or updated, so that TORRETAS GUADIANA will respond only and exclusively to those directly originated by it.

Access to the website of TORRETAS GUADIANA does not imply any type of guarantee, expressly refused by TORRETAS GUADIANA, regarding the suitability of the contents included in it for the particular purposes of those who access. Consequently, both the access, and the use that can be made of the information and contents included in the web, is made under the sole responsibility of the person who makes it, and TORRETAS GUADIANA will not respond in any case and in any way, nor for damages direct or indirect, neither for emergent damages nor for lost profit, for the possible damages derived from the use of the accessible information and contents or of access to other web pages or contents of third parties through the existing connections, links or links. Likewise, TORRETAS GUADIANA will not be in any way responsible, not even indirectly or subsidiary, for products or services provided or offered by other persons or entities, or for content, information, communications, opinions or statements of any kind originated or discharged by third parties and that are accessible through the web of TORRETAS GUADIANA.

Likewise, the content of the personalized URLs for each of the clients that contract with TORRETAS GUADIANA any of the services offered and that imply the creation of the aforementioned personal spaces will be the client’s absolute responsibility and as a consequence, TORRETAS GUADIANA will not respond in any way. case and in no way, neither for direct or indirect damages, neither for emergent damages nor for loss of profit, for the possible damages derived from the use of the information and content in said private pages, of which in the majority of the cases it will not know by I complete your content.

All accessible content is subject to the intellectual and industrial property rights of TORRETAS GUADIANA or other third party holders thereof. The ‘own pages’ are also subject to intellectual property rights, in this case their owner, client of TORRETAS GUADIANA. In no case does access to these pages imply any type of waiver, transfer or total or partial cession of said rights, nor does it confer any right of use, alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication on said contents without prior and express authorization. , specifically granted for this purpose by TORRETAS GUADIANA or the third party owner of the affected rights, safe from the right to view and obtain a private copy of such content, provided that said right is exercised in accordance with the principles of good faith and that in any case the “copyright” and other identifying data of the rights of TORRETAS GUADIANA or third party holders thereof on such content, as well as that it is done without commercial purposes and exclusively for personal information of the user.

TORRETAS GUADIANA reserves the right to suspend temporarily and without prior notice, the accessibility of its website due to the eventual need to carry out maintenance, repair, updating or improvement operations. Likewise, GUADIANA TORRETAS reserves the unilateral right to modify the conditions of access to it, as well as the contents included. The access to the web of TORRETAS GUADIANA is conditioned to that at all times a lawful and honest use is made, under the principles of good faith and with respect in all cases to the current legality and to the rights of the own GUADIANA TORRETAS and of third parties, and specifically to the non-performance of any action (including the introduction or dissemination of “computer viruses”) that causes damage or unauthorized alteration of content or systems of any kind, accessible, as well as not to intervene or alter any way emails of other users without authorization of the same, and, in general, not to perform any action to the detriment of the own GUADIANA or third party TORRETAS, either by action or information contained.

The provision of services provided through the web has an indefinite duration. TORRETAS GUADIANA, however, is authorized to terminate them or suspend them at any time, without prejudice to the one that has been set forth in the corresponding specific conditions. If it is reasonably possible, TORRETAS GUADIANA, will give prior notice of the termination or suspension of the provision of services.

The content that each visitor generates and enters in the website of TORRETAS GUADIANA are their exclusive responsibility, being of their obligation the responsible treatment and compliance at all times of the RGPD and, where appropriate, any new regulations of national character and / or European issued by the corresponding body. It will be the responsibility of TORRETAS GUADIANA to guarantee security in storage, in communications and in the protection of the data entered.

The possible questions or queries regarding this statement should be addressed to the coordinator of the TORRETAS GUADIANA website (info@torretasguadiana.com) for clarification or to:

Salcedo – Carballa , 56
36143 – Salcedo (Pontevedra)